How Do You Use A Inflatable Anti-decubitus Wheelchair Cushion? May 22, 2021


Wheelchair air cushion adopts skin-friendly, non-sensitive, healthy and medical grade PVC material, with manual pump inflatable design, cushion is widely used in car, chair / wheelchair / disable chair suitable for all kinds of chairs, for massage / anti-bedsore function, just twist the valve, open the inlet nozzle, and inflate the cushion, it’s easy to operate and convenient for different groups of people.

medical air cushion

wheel chair seat cushion


· Bouncy, Snowflakes shape with good massage function.

· Balance hip force, reduce bedsore formation rate.

· Automatically adjust posture to relieve spinal pressure.

· Enhance hip blood circulation, increase hip and air contact area, help pressure sore recovery.


· Durable, healthy and skin-friendly, with massage / anti-bedsore function.

· Imported stainless steel valve, more convenient to inflate and deflate.

· Light, portable, indoor&outdoor and office use.

· Three-dimensional air bag design, easy to flow of gas, increase the air permeability of the cushion.


· Remove the seat cushion, spread it out, and rotate to open the intake valve, inflate the cushion with manual pump until all "air Chambers" are raised, then reverse the rotation of the lock valve to prevent air from flowing out.

· Take out the cushion cover, insert the cushion into the cushion cover, close the zipper, and put it on the chair for normal use.


· Clean the cushion cover timely according to the surface sanitary condition of the cushion cover.

· If you want to clean the cushion, wipe it directly with a wet towel, avoid wiping the cushion with detergent, and then dry it with a dry towel or air dry naturally to avoid drying.


1.Twist valve counter-clock wise to open.

2.Attach silicone hose of pump to valve. Over inflate the cushion with pump slightly.

3.Twist valve colse

4.Place on the cushion, insert the hand under the buttocks at the boniest point. Open the valve slowly and begin to release air.

5.Close the valve when there is at least fingertips distance, between buttocks and the cushion. The cushion will be then properly inflated for that person.

alternating air wheelchair cushion


air cushion for wheelchair

1set (1 cushion,1 cushion cover, 1 manual pump, 1 tube, 2 repair tape)


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