How do you lift a bedridden patient?

If you’re caring for someone who is bedridden or has limited mobility, you’ll find that you need to lift them frequently every day, but you may be wondering how to do it safely.

There is no doubt that lifting a person is a tough job, and you want to make sure to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm. Learn how to lift someone in a stress-free way with this article. After reading these tips, you should be able to perform this process with confidence.

You need a helper-Patient lift chair

It takes about one to five minutes to lift one person out of bed, but the key is to have a “lifting buddy” to help you while you lift and you can do this tough work alone. Do not attempt to lift a person without the help of at least another person or chair. Make your elevator partner a reliable assistant who will help you and the loved ones you need.

How to use the lift chair?

This article takes patient lift chair(BMW03) as an example to move the patient from the bed to the bathroom to take a bath.


1. Firstly, move the electric shifter to the bed.

2. Lift the patient out of bed and sit by the bed.

3. Open the safety latch on the back of the lift and move the lift to the front of the client. Apply the brakes so that the lift does not slip when moving the patient.
And place the patient’s feet on the lift’s pedals.

4. Place the sling under the patient’s armpit and lift the patient. The sling is made by thickened nylon, soft and comfortable.

5.Close the safety latch on the back and lower the patient until seated as soon as possible.

At this moment we have easily lifted the patient from the bed to the lift chair.

6. Depressing the shorter pad on the brake pad releases the brake. We can easily take our patients to bathe.

7. We can use this lift chair to move the patient from the lift chair to the toilet or bath chair in the same way. The waterproof rating of this lift is IP44, we can also sit directly on the lift chair to shower. To protect your personal safety and the life of the motor, make sure the charging port is closed before showering.


A warm words from Senyang medical:

Before using this product, please read the product instruction manual carefully. Charging time needs 2~4 hours. Do not use this product while charging!!! If the product fails to work, please contact your dealer immediately, or call our manufacturer’s hotline. Senyang Medical hope you and everyone around is safe, healthy and joy.

Appreciate for your time. Nice to see you next time.

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