How to Choose the Best Hospital Bed Mattress?

How to Choose the Best Hospital Bed Mattress ?

Long term bedridden patients usually care is very important, especially pay attention to frequently turn over, to avoid local skin pressure for a long time caused by bedsore. Many families will provide bedsore patients with anti bedsore gas mattress, the following is to analyze the role of bedsore mattress on bedsore protection.

Bedsore pad is divided into two types: inflatable and non inflatable. The former is controlled by electric device, while the latter is unnecessary. There are obvious differences between the two types.

The inflatable bedsore pad can exchange air and fluctuate freely to help the patient transfer the stress point of the body; the non inflatable bedsore pad can not exchange air, it can only relieve the local pressure, and still need the patient to turn over. Therefore, the non inflatable bedsore pad is generally used for the prevention and nursing of minor bedsore, suitable for small area wound to relieve pressure.

The inflatable mattress is controlled by an electric device, so that the air bags are alternately filled with square gas to generate waves, which is conducive to air circulation, so that the skin can contact with fresh air, which can avoid unilateral pressure, and work continuously without manual intervention, saving time and labor.

Bedsore is due to physical weakness, plus other complications, it is easy to cause recurrence, prolonged. For this serious bedsore situation, nurses can consider using inflatable bedsore pad, which can not only help patients relieve pain, but also provide a comfortable and breathable bed rest environment, which is conducive to rapid recovery.

Anti bedsore inflatable mattress is a kind of air cushion. Anti bedsore inflatable mattress is designed and manufactured to relieve the trouble and pain of long-term bedridden patients and reduce the labor intensity of nursing staff. It is suitable for long-term bedridden patients and is one of the most effective medical devices to prevent bedsore.

medical bubble mattress

Anti bedsore inflatable mattress is mainly used for bedridden patients to prevent bedsore and nursing care of patients with bedsore. It is composed of two parts: inflatable pump and air bag. Through the inflation and deflation of the air pump, odd and even different air bags are alternately inflated or deflated, so as to avoid long-term pressure on the skin of the same part.

Why choose us?

1.Humanized Design
Head and tail film design to prevent the mattress from sliding

2.The key to preventing Bedsores is breathability
Laser perforation,the air cushion bed has a miniature jethole on the surface, and the load-bearing interface hasgood breathability and heat dissipation function.

3.Clasps design
Each airbag can be disassembled freely, if damaged or defaced,can be individually drawn for replacement and cleaning

4.Single CPR
single CPR straps for quick deflationthe number of items can be changedaccording to your needs

air ripple mattress with pump

air mattress medical use

mattress of hospital bed


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