How to safely lift a patient into a patient lift chair ?

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1. Know your transfer chair

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knowing the transfer lift chair and how to use it correctly can prevent patient falls from lifts.


2. Before Using a Lift, Check the Patient’s Condition

The patient’s physical ability
Check that the patient is able to assist with the transfer.
Check the patient’s weight and physical condition; use the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure the lift is appropriate.
Determine how many caregivers are needed to safely lift the patient.
The patient’s medical condition
Make sure your lift and bib are appropriate for the patient’s condition.
Make sure the lift will not make the patient’s condition worse.


3. Selecting the patient’s sling size

Selecting the patient’s hanger size

Assess the patient’s body type, weight and hip circumference.
Choose a bib size based on the manufacturer’s recommendations for patient measurements. Choosing the correct sized hanger is critical to safely transferring the patient.

The hanger is too large: the patient may slip out.

The hanger is too small: the patient may fall. The hanger may make the patient’s condition worse.

If the hanger is somewhere in between: a smaller size will make the patient safer.

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New hanger design makes it easier to lift patients.

4.How to use the transfer chair

1) Sit up with the patient (use an auxiliary tension belt) and move it to the bedside (please ensure the safety of the patient)
2) Open the lift backrest
3) Push the lift to the front of the patient
4) Adjust the lift to the appropriate height
5) Fixed universal wheel
6) After the patient holds the machine, fix the strap of the hanger on the patient
7) Connect the strap and the hanger, and slowly adjust the height of the hanger, so that the patient’s buttocks are lifted
8) Lock the seat back
9) Adjust the hanger to make the patient sit on the seat safely
10) You can then move to any location

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