How to use the pump of medical mattress correctly?

How to use the pump of medical mattress correctly ?

1.The pump should be positioned on any convenient horizontal surface or suspended form the bed by means of the hook.

2.Check that there are no protruding springs or sharp edges on the surface of bed mattress that could damaged the air mattress.

3.Open air mattress on the bed with instruction flap at the head and foot of the bed.

4.Connect air feed tubes to air outlets on pump. Run tubing through securing that the tubes are not kinked or twisted.

5.Plug the pump into a suitable electrical power source and switch on the switch lamp should now be illuminated.

6.Allow 20minutes for air mattress to inflate fully.

7.Cover with a sheet and tuck in loosely.

8.Lie the patient on the bed and adjust pressure control to give optimum results combined with maximum patient comfort. ( this occurs when it is possible to slide two fingers between a deflated cell and the buttocks of the patient) NOTE: the mattress may also be inflated with the patient laying on it.

9.As a precaution it is recommended the elevated bed side rails should be maintained at all times while the patient is in the bed.

10.Check periodically that the pressure control is at the correct setting for the patient.

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Here showing is our new high-end air pump P06C.

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Pump P06C new function

– LED display, automatically sense pressure, freely adjust weight capacity according to patient comfort.

– Power on/off indicator light. When the pump is turned on by pressing the powerbutton, this light will illuminate green. When the button is pressed again to turn offthe pump or if there is a power failure, the light will go out.

– Alternating mode: Up A-B air lines alternating inflation and deflation, bottom C air line static inflation, prevent patient bottom out when power outage.

– Four cycle time 6/9/12/25minsfor different symptom patients selection.

– Panel lock out light. After 2 minutes if no buttons have been pressed on thepump, the panel automatically locks-out.This light will illuminate to show that thepanel has locked-out. To unlock the panel,hold down the panel unlock button for2 seconds. The light goes out and an audible beep will sound.

– Seat mode: pressure is fixed 80mmHg, after 30mins, it automatically returns to alternating mode. Convenient for patient sitting.

– Auto firm: all air cells are inflation, pressure is fixed 60mmHg, after 30mins, it automatically returns to alternating mode. Convenient for caregiver nursing.

– Alarm mute button. When either the fault or power failure alarms are triggered,pressing this button will temporarily silence the alarm whilst the issue is fixed.

– Power failure alarm indicator light. If the power is lost to the pump this light willilluminate Red and a constant beep alarm will sound.Once the power is restoredto the pump the light and alarm will stop.

– Remote control, convenient for caregiver controlling device.

– Fault indication light. If the pump detects low pressure in the mattress or thepump requires a service, this light will illuminate Orange,an audible constant beepalarm will also sound. Once the issue has been rectified press the Alarm MuteButton in order to return the pump to normal operation.

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