Scopri i benefici degli stivali massaggiatori per la circolazione

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What are stivali di recupero first of all?

Recovery boots are designed using a technique known as intermittent pneumatic pressure. This was originally developed to treat patients with lymphedema or deep vein thrombosis. The boots are a staple in gyms and physical therapy clinics to help athletes remove metabolic waste after hard workouts. Major brands now offer consumer versions that can be used at home.


How do compression boots work?

Compression boot systems utilize pneumatic compression to inflate chambers at different intervals of the leg sleeves.

The squeezing action is created by a series of “intermittent” cycles or “sequential”.

The massaging effect of the leg sleeves is enhanced by the inflating, deflating, and squeezing the legs.

It also helps to bring oxygen-rich blood into the cells and muscle. This helps remove any excess fluids that may have leaked in to the tissues around the legs.

This process allows lactic acid to be removed from the blood and other waste products.

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Do you have any other benefits to offer?

Both professional and amateur athletes choose recovery boots for their recovery because they improve circulation, reduce inflammation and speed up recovery. Some doctors, as well the brands who sell the boots, claim that they also offer other benefits: increased flexibility and lower levels of soreness.

What is the scientific consensus?

Then things start to get strange. The medical community has studied the effectiveness of pneumatic compression. Experts generally agree that recovery boots can help people suffering from DVT or lymphedema (in other words those with compromised circulation). What about healthy people, such as elite athletes? It depends on who you ask.

Benefits of compression therapy

The documented benefits of compression are:

  • Reduce or eliminate swelling
  • Increase circulation
  • Promote tissue repair
  • Enhance the rate of metabolic waste removal
  • Avoid DVT in people who are immobile
  • Improve chronic venus Insufficiency, (the body’s inability to send blood back to the heart).

Compression therapy is used to treat athletes, lympedema patients, those suffering from varicose or chronic venus insufficiency and patients with chronic ulcers of the legs, as well as immobile patients, or patients who have suffered an acute injury such a sprain or muscle tear.

Why is compression therapy popular with athletes?

Athletes love compression therapy because it accelerates recovery. The quicker athletes recover, the faster they can return to training and become stronger.

As compression boots can help to ease post-exercise pain, increase range of motion and flexibility, and remove metabolic waste, they are an invaluable tool when it comes to recovery for professional–and recreational–athletes.

When to use compression boots?

Compression boots are best used after a training session or if you have spent a lot of time on your feet. This will accelerate recover.

You can wear compression boots at any time of the day if your legs feel sore, or if you have poor circulation.

They can be used before an exercise session to help warm up your muscles quickly.

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