Colchão Ripple & Escaras de cama: A sua solução definitiva para uma cura confortável

Colchão Ripple

Bed sores, also known as pressure ulcers, are a common concern for patients with limited mobility, especially on their buttocks and back. These painful sores can lead to serious complications if not addressed promptly. However, there is a reliable and effective solution to combat bed sores – the Ripple Mattress. This innovative air mattress with alternating pressure in different compartments has been proven to relieve pressure and prevent the occurrence of bed sores.

colchão de bolhas

Bubble Mattress – The Simple Yet Effective Prevention:

The Bubble Mattress is designed for the prevention and treatment of bed sores on the buttocks and back. Ideal for short-term usage and patients with a low risk assessment, this mattress boasts a compact alternating pressure pad with 2.5″ height bubble cells. It is a perfect fit for patients in Stage 1 and below of bed sores, with a weight capacity of less than 100kg, and those classified as low risk. With its efficient design, the Bubble Mattress ensures patients experience both comfort and protection during their recovery.

Tubular Ripple Mattress

Tubular Ripple Mattress – Mimicking Natural Sleep Patterns:

The Tubular Ripple Mattress is an overlay system designed to treat patients at low to medium risk of bed sores. Featuring a series of individual cells that inflate and deflate in alternative cycles, it simulates natural sleep movement patterns and avoids long-term pressurization on specific areas. Suitable for patients in Stages 1 to 4 of bed sores, with a weight capacity of less than 135kg, and categorized as low to medium risk, this mattress prioritizes patients’ comfort and promotes optimal healing.


Choosing the Right Ripple Mattress:

Selecting the right Ripple Mattress is crucial for effective treatment. Follow these simple steps to make an informed choice:


STEP 1: Identify the stage of bed sores to determine the appropriate mattress type.

STEP 2: Ensure the Ripple Mattress has the correct weight capacity to accommodate the patient.

STEP 3: Check for the mattress’s test report to ensure its reliability and quality.


Setting Up Your Ripple Mattress:

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Senyang Bubble Mattress – Designed for patients at low risk of bed sores, this mattress is easy to install and perfect for short-term usage. It provides excellent prevention and treatment measures.

Senyang Tubular Mattress – Specifically designed for patients at low to medium risk of bed sores, this mattress offers a series of individual cells that inflate and deflate in alternative cycles. It ensures patients experience a natural sleep pattern, promoting healing.

The Ripple Mattress, comprising the Bubble Mattress and the Tubular Ripple Mattress, serves as your ultimate solution for preventing and treating bed sores on the buttocks and back. By choosing the appropriate Ripple Mattress and adhering to proper setup guidelines, you can ensure the utmost comfort and care for patients during their recovery journey. Embrace the revolutionary Ripple Mattress and let your patients experience the healing they deserve.

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