Как выбрать медицинский матрас

air mattress for elderly

How to choose a medical inflatable mattress? When purchasing medical inflatable mattresses, people how to judge the quality of medical mattresses. You can know it from those four convenience:


Generally speaking, the medical inflatable mattress is made of special medical nylon PVC or nylon TPU material. This medical PVC / TPU material has high density and good elasticity. It can reduce the local pressure of the patient lying on it, speed up the patient’s blood circulation, and make the drug integrate into the patient’s body faster and exert the efficacy. Ordinary PVC materials do not have this property. Therefore, when people buy medical inflatable mattresses, they should pay attention to whether they are made of medical PVC or TPU materials. Senyang has specialized in producing medical anti bedsore mattresses more than 23 years.

bedridden mattress

2)Air pump

When people buy medical mattresses, they should also check the air pump of the mattress. The good medical inflatable mattress,  the air pump will not make noise and affect the patient’s sleep. The air pump of the medical inflatable mattress with poor quality may make a large noise and affect the patient’s sleep. The medical air pump manufactured by our company has low noise and self-made pump core , with guaranteed quality.

противопролежневый матрас

3)Air cell

Medical inflatable mattresses generally have two air cells. The two air cells inflate and exhaust circularly, and AB alternatation to achieve the effect of fluctuating massage, so as to continuously change the stress area of the human body, accelerate the blood circulation of the human body and achieve the effect of preventing bedsore.

Противопролежневый надувной матрас


When people buy inflatable mattresses, they should pay attention to check the adhesion of the air mattress to see if there is a gap, so as to avoid air leakage of the air mattress. Our company uses high-frequency production technology to greatly reduce this quality problem.

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