The Mid-Autumn in Senyang

The Mid-Autumn in Senyang

It is a time for family members and loved ones to congregate and enjoy the full moon-an auspicious symbol of abundance, harmony and luck. Adults will usually indulge in fragrant mooncakes of many varieties with a good cup of piping hot Chinese tea, while the little ones run around with their brightly-lit lanterns.

When the Mid-Autumn Festival comes in our company, we will give each employee a gift, usually moon cake, because moon cake is the traditional food of the festival. This year, our company also held a Mid-Autumn Festival party, we gather together, encourage all employees to prepare programs to perform on stage, but also to vote, the top three programs, there will be a bonus, very lucky is the program directed by me won the first

After everyone is full of food and drink, there will be a very traditional game which is from Fujian provinc, a bowl put six dice, roll the dice in turn, when the dice show different combinations, there will be different prizes. Different awards will correspond to different levels of prizes.

This is a very interesting activity, welcome friends from different countries can come to China to experience the Mid-Autumn Festival culture.

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