Wheelchair Anti-bedsore Seat Cushion Type and Advantages

Decubitus is a kind of skin and deep soft tissue necrosis of local soft tissue due to long-term pressure, ischemia, hypoxia, malnutrition and other reasons, often occurring in the bone process. For sedentary people with mobility difficulties, the soft tissue under the ischial bone and femur is often the area prone to pressure sores.


How to prevent decubitus?

If you want to prevent decubitus:

first, avoid long-term pressure

second, avoid local pressure.

For those who use wheelchairs for a long time, first of all, they can reduce sitting time and improve blood circulation through sitting and lying transfer, sitting posture decompression training, etc., and can also use anti-bedsore seat cushion to evenly distribute body weight and prevent pressure from concentrating locally.


Working principle of anti decubitus air cushion

The working principle of the anti bedsore seat cushion is very simple: use soft materials with moderate support that can change with the shape of the body to increase the effective contact area of the body as much as possible, so that the pressure can be evenly distributed on all contact surfaces, avoid the concentrated stress on the bone process, and reduce the pressure locally. For the wheelchair sedentary, the use of anti bedsore seat cushion can effectively reduce the probability of decubitus near the sitting bone and femur.

In addition, some cushions can improve the skin surface condition through cooling, ventilation and other forms, reduce the bacteria breeding on the skin surface, and are also beneficial to the improvement and prevention of decubitus.


Wheelchair Anti-bedsore Seat Cushion Type and Advantages

  1. Elastic filling anti-bed sore seat It is mostly filled with soft materials with elasticity and support, such as sponge and latex, with the advantages of low price, soft and comfortable.
  2. Gel anti bedsore seat Gel has high density, good thermal conductivity, high heat capacity (it feels cold when sitting), good support and softness, and is often used with fabric cover cushion. Gel anti decubitus seat cushion is widely used at present.

3.Aircell type anti bedsore seat As shown in the figure below, the air celltype pressure sore pad has better support and comfort, and is more ventilated than sponge seat cushion and gel seat cushion.

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