2021 Best Air Massager für Pressotherapie und Sport Erholung - Bewertungen & Anleitung

2021 Best Air Massager For Pressotherapy And sport recovery - Reviews & Guide

What’s a Leg Air Massager?
Das Beinluftmassagegerät ist eine mechanische Methode der Drainage, die überschüssige interstitielle Flüssigkeiten bewegt und den venösen und lymphatischen Fluss fördert, unter Berücksichtigung der zirkulatorischen Systeme und der betroffenen anatomischen Strukturen.
Leg air massager is very beneficial in stimulating blood flow, and offers an excellent method to improve with lasting effects, problems linked to poor circulation: veinous or lymphatic insufficiencies, swelling, varicose veins, heavy legs.
As a real source of well being.Leg air massager also helps reduce muscle and joint pain.has a recognized relaxing effect after intensive sporting activity.
The mechanical movement of the device exerts an effective, gentle and continuous pressure that is particularly indicated in the treatment of cellulite and especially unbecoiming orange peel aspect.By stimulating the circulation of lymp,the elimination of toxins carrying away fatty deposits is achieved more rapidly.

Air compression leg massagers are devices that wrap around your legs and feet and compress them like a pair of tight boots.
Air compression leg massagers are FDA-cleared and can enhance lymphatic circulation, reduce knee pain, release muscle tension, fight varicose veins and prevent leg cramps.
By squeezing your legs, the Leg Massager applies the necessary pressure to expel the waste from the legs and foot cells.
This allows fresh blood to enter the cells and nourish them with oxygen and nutrients to make them healthier.
Stress also stimulates the release of endorphins, a natural painkiller.

What to Look for in a Good At-Home Leg Air Massager

When you’re shopping for a leg massager, there are a few features you’ll want to consider.

This section is designed to help you choose the best leg massager for your needs.


When you sit in a car or plane for a few hours, your legs are stiffer than ever, and it’s easy to lose blood circulation there.
Therefore, you need to carry Leg Massager with you, so you need to find a light and easy to fold massager.
If you can find a battery powered leg massager, you can charge it in advance, and you can even use it in flight.


When a product is approved by FDA, you can be sure that the company’s health statement has been tested and verified.



The more area it covers, the better, they generally relieve pain and fatigue more quickly and effectively.


The materials used in a leg massager is important because it needs to be durable enough for long-term use and comfortable enough when wrapped tightly around your legs and feet.

How to choose the most suitable air leg massager for you?

1.PT1002 Air Compression Leg Massager

Beinmassagegerät Luftkompression


Air compression leg massager repeats expansion and shrinkage with sequential pneumatic pressure to vitalize the circulation of blood and lymph.
It enhances the pressure of muscular tissues to remove swelling or pain on arms and legs and restore patients’ physical functions from disabilities or agedness.
As intermittent air compression stimulates the troubled limb and promotes the circulation of blood and lymph of whole body of the patients, it gives similar effects as exercise.

air leg massager with pump

air pressure compression legs massager


air compression massage leg

Advantage:1-year warranty, high-quality, breathable material, FDA-approved, covers foot and calf, covers thighs as well.

2.PT1003 Air Compression Leg Massager

portable massager

leg air compression therapy

This air pressure recovery system using pneumatic (air) compression, the pump pressurizes the different chambers in the boots at different intervals over multiple cycles. In medical and athletic research, this type of compression is referred to by a variety of names, including “intermittent,” “external dynamic,” and “sequential” pneumatic compression.

The pressurized compartments in the boots squeeze your legs, mobilizing fluids and speeding up your body’s natural process of filtering lactic acid, metabolites, and other debris that build up after exercise-induced trauma out of your blood.

Intermittent, dynamic pneumatic compression is a proven way of improving blood circulation and driving higher volumes of healthy, filtered, and oxygen-rich blood to your muscles as they rebuild. This is what significantly reduces the time it takes you to recover and get back to training. Research also reveals multiple additional benefits. For example, dynamic compression mitigates stiffness, increases ROM (range of motion), helps prevent DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), reduces swelling and inflammation, facilitates greater protein absorption, and, over time, enhances muscle performance and longevity.

leg compression device

air pressure compression leg massage

air compression massage machine

Advantage:1-year warranty, high-quality, FDA-approved, portable

3.PT101 MINIPortable Leg Massager

portable air leg massager


tragbares Beinmassagegerät

mini air leg massager

Advantage:Portable mini massager, A.B mode available, Machine weight: 0.5KG

Air compression massage is an effective way to improve circulation in short and long term, regular use.

Whether it’s recommended by health experts or you just want a way to relieve fatigue and pain, air compression massage is a safe and beneficial treatment after a long day on your feet.


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