Was ist Air Leg Massager Kompressionstherapie und seine Vorteile

Was ist Air Leg Massager Kompressionstherapie und seine Vorteile

Air Compression Therapy System Device

Product introduction:

Air compression therapy system device is specially used for varicosity, venous ulceration, various lymphedema, neuropathic pain, prevent the forming of DVT (deep vein thrombosis) and many illnesses.

Compressor repeatedly inflates and deflates the air cuffs in order so as to compress and massage large squares of limbs, its pressure and stimulation can reach deep muscle, blood vessel and lymphatic, lead muscles to passively movement, stimulate muscles metabolic activity. Apply to healthcare for various patients of post-operation, fractures, hemiplegia/paraplegia, bedridden and old people.

Does compression therapy work?


Compression therapy is effective and can improve the quality of life of people with many diseases. Doctors often prescribe this medicine to prevent venous insufficiency from becoming more serious.

Compression therapy benefits

· Prevention of leg swelling for people who stand or sit for long periods of time, like during a long flight

· Management of varicose veins

· Prevent the forming of DVT

· Improved healing of leg ulcers

· Prevention of leg ulcers coming back

· Various secondary and primary lymphedema.

· Improvement of chronic venous insufficiency and ulcer recurrence in older adults

Orientation symptom

1.Prevent the forming of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).

2.Various secondary and primary lymphedema.

3.Upper limb lymphedema due to breast surgery

4.Lower limb edema during pregnancy

5.Varicosity, Venous ulceration.

6.Poor venous return of lower limbs caused by long-term bed rest

7.Muscle and neuropathic pain

8.Diabetic foot, diabetic peripheral neuritis.

9.Intermittent claudication

10.Hemiplegia, paraplegia, cerebrovascular patients limb rehabilitation, to prevent muscle atrophy.

(Impairment of circulation, swelling, pain)

Work principle

Diagram of air cuff inflation and deflation state

Repeatedly inflate and deflate to air chambers of cuffs in order that form a circular pressure to limbs and tissues, use ringlike intermittent pressure to compress limbs in uniformly ordered.

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A mode : massage

A mode like hands massage people limb by one part to another, relieve fatigue

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B mode: therapy

B mode is fully facilitate blood and lymph circulation, has healing efficiency.

A/B modes can be self set for alternating running, its benefits both massage and facilitate the circulation of blood and lymph, has the efficiency of healing and healthcare for facilitating blood and lymph circulation, can be be used lasting.

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Apply to healing parts: single upper limb, single lower limb, double upper limbs, double lower limbs, single upper/lower limbs, waist.

Chambers of air cuff: 4 chambers design, precisely lead venous blood backflow, reduce thrombus happening rate.

Safety characters: inner insert inductor ensure the pressure of inner air chambers is not over the normal contractility blood pressure of human body; when power faulty, pneumatic control device can automatically drain out the air inner pressure chambers.

Faulty alarm function: buzzer alarm

Humanization pause function, convenient for patient to stop healing at transience during the healing process.


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