Welche Matratze verhindert Dekubitus


During the daily treatment of bedsore patients, the doctor found that many patients’ family members did not choose the right products when choosing bed protectors, which not only did not help reduce the daily nursing work, but also added many new problems. Today, I will explain the selection and use of Anti-Dekubitus-Matratze.


1. In the market, most of the anti bedsore mattresses we see are of air injection wave type. This anti bedsore mattress has an electric device inside, so it can be inflated alternately. Through the transformation of wave shape, the pressed part of the patient’s skin surface can be improved.

This can promote the patient’s blood circulation, so it can prevent the formation of bedsores. Therefore, we can know that the air injection wave type bedsore prevention mattress is more suitable for our choice.

2. We should select air pump according to the material. The material is soft and the thickness of the material is sufficient so that the patient can enjoy the comfort of sleep. Therefore, we had better choose Nylon + TPU as the anti bedsore mattress, which has the advantages of fine and firm hand feel and breathable.

3. We need buy anti bedsore mattress with gentle fluctuation and small amplitude.

Today, I will explain the selection and use of anti bedsore mattress.

Xiamen Senyang Anti bedsore alternating medical air mattress

Xiamen Senyang mattress includes air tubular mattress and air pump. The structure is alternating and undulating. It is extremely comfortable to use, evenly stressed, waterproof and fireproof. The process is very fine. Because it uses a special pump, it is very quiet during the operation, and it is very low power consumption.

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