Was sind Luftmatratzen für Krankenhausbetten

Was sind Luftmatratzen für Krankenhausbetten

Was sind Luftmatratzen für Krankenhausbetten

The hospital bed air mattress is an alternating pressure mattress system designed to provide comfort to patients in the recovery period. Patients who stay in bed for more than 15 hours a day are more likely to develop pressure sores and then develop pressure sores. These mattresses help prevent pressure sores. At the same time, in order to prevent the patient’s skin from rupturing due to low blood flow, the medical air cushion uses alternating pressure and low air loss therapy to stimulate the circulation in the patient’s body.

Hospital bed air mattress is a medical and household mattress to prevent and treat pressure wounds. The mattress consists of multiple inflatable air tubes that alternately inflate and deflate, imitating the movement of the patient on the bed or the rotation of the caregiver, and will not leave the patient in a position for a long time. This action can reduce the pressure under the body, especially in areas with less filling such as the buttocks, shoulders, elbows and heels, and helps ensure proper air circulation, helping to prevent and treat pressure wounds.

The most popular bed deflation The mattress is made of waterproof material, has a water-permeable surface, and has a soft feel.

Why need hospital bed air mattresses?

Hospital air mattresses can be used to prevent and treat pressure wounds, and are very suitable for any patients who are susceptible to these events, such as those who are immobilized or lack adequate sensation (such as patients with spinal cord injury or neurological diseases), or have an impact A patient with a blood flow disease; basically a patient lying in bed unable to move and reposition.

For patients with grade 3 wounds or multiple grade 2 wounds,Hospital air mattresses is absolutely necessary for comfort and treatment.

The hospital air bed mattresses is easy to use and has high efficiency. High quality air bed is equipped with electric air pump. You don’t have to blow the mattress yourself, just connect the pump to the air cushion and it will inflate soon.

The working principle of alternating pressure air mattress

Alternating pressure air mattress is composed of two parts: inflatable pump and air bag. Through the inflation and deflation of the air pump, odd and even different air bags are alternately inflated or deflated, so as to avoid long-term pressure on the skin of the same part. The key points of choosing this product are the noise level of the inflation pump and the thickness of the airbag material.

The mattress itself has 22 trachea forming a single mattress,two air chambers. Of these,1,3,5,7 …The trachea is made of a gas chamber(Group A); 2,4,6,8 …The trachea is inanother air chamber (Group B)The principle of fluctuation is two gas chamber circulatingexhaust, inflatable, refers to group a full, Group B under the flat, 10 minutes or so the airpump will automatically change the gas to become a group of flat, Group B full, mattress isthrough the air pump long working inflatable, exhaust, to complete the fluctuation.


As the waves fluctuate, the oppressed parts of the body change every once in a while, theequivalent of turning the patient 10 times an hour and turning over 240 times a day. Thehigh frequency flip plays the role of rubbing the blood circulation and loosening themuscles.At the same time, the waves produce gaps that allow the air to circulate naturally,allowing the skin to breathe fresh air for 24 hours.This is not only safe and effective in preventing the occurrence of bedsores,but also fullyliberating the manpower,completely replacing the artificial flip.

How to Choose The Best Anti-decubitus Air Mattress?

1. The choice of material in the anti-decubitus air mattress is also very important. In the choice, it depends on the texture of the material. Choose soft and thick enough to make the patient feel comfortable on it. Hospitals mostly use PVC+PU mattresses. This kind of mattress is not only firm and strong, has a delicate feel, but also has good waterproof and breathable properties.

2. As for the choice of the fluctuation effect of the anti-decubitus mattress, you can first plug in the electricity and try to see if the fluctuation range of the anti-decubitus mattress is large? Too much fluctuation is a torture to the patient, and the body will be constantly driven to shake. Cannot rest and rest, and the fluctuations are too small to have the effect of preventing bedsores. Try to choose a mattress with gentle fluctuations and moderate amplitude.

3. The texture of the anti-decubitus air mattress must be very soft, and the thickness must be sufficient, general stroke patients and patients with high paraplegia have higher requirements for practical use, so the fluctuation, material, and force of the surface of a good anti-decubitus air mattress Points and so on are important factors that determine its performance.

Anti-decubitus air mattress also need to be waterproof, antimicrobial, and easy to clean. These features ensure the mattress stands up to medical grade sanitation standards.

Therefore anti-decubitus air mattress is the ideal choice for patients who stay in bed most of the time.

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