Cómo elegir el tamaño adecuado de colchón para tu cama de hospital.

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After carefully selecting the perfect home hospital bed, the next task is to choose a mattress that fits properly. Hospital bed mattresses come in specific dimensions, which may differ from standard sizes. Here’s some helpful information on how to pick the right size mattress for your bed and ensure the best pressure relief for patients.


Standard colchón de cama de hospital size:

In North America, twin size mattresses and bed frames are typically 39″ wide by 75″ long. However, standard home hospital beds are slightly different, measuring 36″ wide and 80″ long. This design allows for taller patients and fits well in semi-private rooms. As a result, twin mattresses won’t fit onto home hospital bed frames. Fortunately, the standard hospital bed mattress size is 36″ x 80″, making it easy to order the right one for your bed.


Additional considerations:

Choosing the correct size mattress goes beyond comfort; it also ensures user safety. Large gaps between the mattress and side rails or assist bars can be hazardous, potentially trapping the user or causing falls. Similar safety concerns arise from gaps between the end of the mattress and the headboard or footboard. Senyang hospital bed mattresses are available in various sizes, and custom sizes can be obtained for a minimal additional cost to address these concerns.B01

Introducing the APM-B01 Bubble Air Mattress:

As a caregiver, you need the best solution for pressure relief and prevention of bedsores. The APM-B01 Bubble Air Mattress from Senyang is designed to meet these requirements. Its A-B lines of alternating air bubbles provide exceptional bedsore treatment, ensuring comfort and safety for patients.


Quality and Durability:

The APM-B01 Bubble Air Mattress is made from medical-grade PVC material sourced from Taiwan Nanya company, guaranteeing durability and high quality. The mattress is welded using a 200KW power high-frequency machine, ensuring a strong and secure construction. With a weight capacity of 135KG, this bariatric mattress can accommodate various patient needs.


Custom Options and Warranty:

Senyang offers customization options for PVC thickness, allowing you to choose either 0.3mm or 0.4mm based on your preferences. The mattress comes with a one-year warranty, providing peace of mind and assurance of its reliability. Additionally, a repair kit and hose are included, ensuring easy maintenance and longevity.


Choose the Best Pressure Relief Solution:

When it comes to providing superior comfort, pressure relief, and the prevention of bedsores, the APM-B01 Bubble Air Mattress is the top choice. Its exceptional features and specifications, including its alternating pressure design and high-quality construction, make it the ideal solution for hospital beds. Don’t compromise on quality or safety – choose the APM-B01 Bubble Air Mattress from Senyang for the best results.


For more information or to place an order, contact our trusted suppliers at [email protected]. Invest in the best mattress for your hospital bed today and ensure the well-being of your patients.


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