Tiene algún efecto el sistema de terapia de presión de aire en el tratamiento del linfedema

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I believe that many friends with lymph edema are asking this question.When treating lymph edema in the hospital, there are many treatment methods.For example, Western medicine includes CDT comprehensive detumescence surgery/venous anastomosis/Chinese medicine plaster and so on. In the end, doctors and therapists also recommend daily home use of the sistema de terapia de aire a presión. Sometimes, because of time constraints or other reasons,some therapists and doctors can’t explain why they use it. Many patients and friends are also wondering whether this air pressure therapy system is useful.

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Today I want to tell you the answer clearly, yes, it is useful, but you have to choose an advanced air pressure therapy system, it is not just a few hundred RMB of imitation that can be used for treatment.

Let’s see how they recommend the treatment of lymph edema in the latest and most professional 2021 edition of “Chinese Expert Consensus on Vascular Pressure Therapy”.

Four.Air Pressure Therapy System for Lymph Edema
(Recommendation 50) It is recommended that air pressure therapy system is combined with conventional therapy for the treatment of lymph edema, not as an independent treatment (2B).
(Recommendation 51) It is recommended that advanced air pressure therapy devices and sequential air pressure therapy system is preferred for the treatment of lymph edema (1B)
Remark: During the course of treatment, regular follow-up is recommended to evaluate the treatment effect and response, and adjust the treatment mode and course of treatment according to the assessment results.
Remark: Air pressure therapy system can be used for intensive treatment or maintenance home treatment. Even if the patient has conditions to purchase equipment, it should be used under the guidance of a physician.

Air Pressure Therapy system is an effective treatment for lymph edema, especially suitable for home treatment. However, everyone should choose an advanced air pressure therapy system, which is an advanced air pressure therapy system with sequential pressure, gradient pressure and overlapping cells.

Here, I recommend the advanced air pressure therapy system manufactured by Xiamen Senyang Co.,Ltd, which has been focused on lymph edema for more than 23 years and has a leading market share in Europe and America.

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