Para qué son buenos los masajeadores de piernas con compresión de aire

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En air pressure therapeutic system is mainly used for vascular diseases, which can generate a certain pressure, and this air pressure therapy system is segmented, which can promote blood flow in this way. This air compression recovery system  is generally used for people with more lower limb blood vessels. If there are lower limb vascular diseases, especially the elderly, there may be varicose veins and other problems.

A large amount of blood accumulates in the blood vessels of the lower limbs. Vascular dilation causes the relative insufficiency of the venous valve, which cannot promote the timely return of blood, and can cause obvious discomfort symptoms, such as local pain, swelling, inconvenience in movement, and even aggravation after movement, which affects life significantly.The pressure can be applied in sections through the therapeutic apparatus, which can promote the sectional blood reflux and play a certain role in promoting.

Xiamen Senyang Air Pressure therapy system also can be used in medical field e.g.DVT prevention /Lymphatic drainage/wound recovery/edema relief/varicose veins. Welcome order to experience.


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