Un materasso ad aria è migliore del girare i pazienti

materasso antidecubito


When caring for bedridden patients, preventing pressure ulcers is of utmost importance. One common practice is turning the patient regularly to relieve pressure on bony areas. However, is an air mattress more effective in accomplishing this task? In this article, we will explore the effectiveness of air mattresses in turning over patients and introduce Ripple Mattress, an innovative solution for pressure ulcer prevention.


Turning Patients and the Limitations:
Regularly turning a bedridden patient is crucial to alleviate pressure and prevent pressure ulcers. It helps distribute weight and relieve stress on vulnerable areas of the body. However, frequent manual turning might not provide sufficient relief, especially during nighttime hours when continuous care may be challenging. This is where an air mattress can complement the turning strategy.

The Effectiveness of Air Mattresses:

Research suggests that when used alongside other preventive measures such as nutrition and proper hygiene, air mattresses can be more effective in preventing pressure ulcers. Traditional mattresses, even when turned, may not sufficiently redistribute pressure, whereas air mattresses offer an alternating pressure system that promotes blood circulation and relieves pressure on specific areas.

Introducing Ripple Mattress:

Materasso ad aria antidecubito

Materasso Ripple is an innovative air mattress designed specifically for pressure ulcer prevention. It features alternating pressure in different compartments, effectively relieving pressure and preventing bed sores. With options like the Bubble Ripple Mattress and Tubular Ripple Mattress, it caters to various risk levels and treatment requirements.

Bubble Ripple Mattress:
The Bubble Ripple Mattress is suitable for short-term usage and individuals with a low risk assessment. Its compact design consists of 2.5″ height bubble cells that alternate pressure, reducing the risk of pressure ulcers on the buttocks and back.


When it comes to preventing pressure ulcers in bedridden patients, utilizing all available tools is essential. While turning patients manually is beneficial, combining it with the use of an air mattress, such as Ripple Mattress, can enhance the effectiveness of pressure relief. Consider incorporating Ripple Mattress into your care routine to provide optimal comfort and promote the overall health and well-being of your loved ones.


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