Qual é o novo estilo de vida sob a propagação da epidemia

What is the new style life under epidemic spreading ?

Hello everyone, with the epidemic spreading globally,there are more and more new life style popping up, here we would love to talk about the new exercise recovery way !

As the strict quarantine rule placed, people are locked at their home and the exercise room, even the gym, are quite limited, but life lies in movement so we can no stop exercise, and after work out we can no have the coach help us quick recovery as normal. To keep the body quick recovery as previously or even better, now our factory new product has made this come true ,it is our new air compression system !

The portable air compression system are customized for personal use,we can name it “personal coach” to help quick recovery after intensive work out. The sleeve are  360 degree surround our limbs and connect with pump, everyone can customized their personal recovery requirements from time, pressure, compression parts by simply operate the pump,see following the picture:

air compression therapy leg massager

air pressure massage machine

. Short cycle maximizes lymphatic uptake and makes treatment more efficient.

. Smart technology provides accurate pressure,for every size garment

. Adaptive pause ensures complete deflation in between compressions for lymphatic refill

. Advanced treatment sequences including pretherapy base on manual lymph drainage.

sports recovery boots

leg compress massage

When you are working at home and feel tired, you can use our device to massage, so that promote blood circulation in the body and bring you energy for a day.

For patients with lymphedema, using this machine, they can release edema well without requiring more personnel to contact each other, thus reducing the risk of each other. So this gives patients more comfort and safety.

leg air compressor massager

Meanwhile the air compression system help speed up blood circulation and dissolved fat to enter into the bloods and lymph fluid and remove from the body,so even during quarantine time you can work out and recovery easily. kindly drop us an email if you need the new “personal coach” !


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