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Xiamen Senyang company was established in 2000, Founded by Ms.Susan. We are professional manufacturer dedicated in research,Development, Production, Sales and service of medical air mattress with pump, Pressure therapy machines, Transfer chair and medical water beds.Our factory facilities occupy ten thousand square meters and engage 5 production lines including pump assembly line, Heat welding line, Sewing line, Packaging line and printing line, As well as orderly raw material warehouse and finished goods ware house.We are located in xiamen with convenient transportation access. Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, Our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction.We have obtained various system certification and quality certificates, Such as ISO13485,TUV,CE,FDA,510K and so on. We trust we can assure the quality of the products.Our products are exported to all over the world and have earned good reputation for our trusty quality. We provideOEM and ODM services for some famous brands for years.Welcome to visit us. We are confident to be your trustworthy cooperative partner.
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Our customer base spans many verticals including home healthcare providers, healthcare distributors, retailers (both independent and chains) and e-tailers.
Our products
Our products are exported to all over the world and have earned good reputation for our trusty quality. We provide OEM and ODM services for some famous brands for years.
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Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, Our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction.
I am really delighted with these. Since the pandemic I spend a lot of the day sitting. I don’t go out for coffee or walk up the stairs to the fourth floor like I used to. After sitting so long, your leg muscles can get a bit tired. This massager does a great job, is almost silent and you can listen to music or TV while getting a massage.
By Mathew McConaughey
This product was just as described. I like the fact that there are different levels and patterns of compression. It helps when I walked and worked too much and when I have to sit at a desk all day and my legs ache. I would recommend this product to others.
By Alvaro Molina
Senyang healthcare exists to enhance the quality of life of the people we touch.
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    Our Quality :

    ISO13485, FDA, TUV, CE.

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    Our Capacity :

    2000pcs air mattresses per day. 10 containers per month.

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    Monday-Friday : 9am to 6pm Saturday, Sunday : Closed

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Welcome to visit us. We are confident to be your trustworthy cooperative partner.
Why You Should Use a Leg Massager?
Nowadays, many office workers live a busy but sedentary life, which causes our whole body muscles to be very tense, especially our shoulders and necks, and our legs are also under a huge burden. After a busy day at get off work, we all want to go to a massage parlor and get a relaxing massage to help us unwind, but that's not realistic for most of us. The good news is that there are so many great massagers to choose from that we can have an effective and soothing massage at home anytime, anywhere. In this blog, we will introduce you to our company's newly designed massager. But, before that, why do we need use a air leg massager? While massages are often seen as a way to relieve stress and restore the mind and body, they offer many other physical and medical benefits. E.g: 1、Relieve muscle pain Most people suffer from muscle soreness and soreness due to an inactive and stressful lifestyle. This Air pressure Leg Massager puts pressure on tight muscles to help you relax sore muscles and eliminate pain. 2、Relieve stress and anxiety Leg massage is very beneficial to the body because it releases endorphins. If you suffer from anxiety or depression, you may find a foot or leg massage very helpful as it calms you and lifts your mood. 3、Increased blood circulation A leg massager is an excellent choice if you have problems with circulation. It increases oxygen levels and improves blood flow throughout the body. 4、Relieve headache It may seem unbelievable, but when you have a headache, it can be relieved by massaging your feet. The foot massager targets the pressure points on the soles of your feet and relieves migraine symptoms. 5、Improve sleeping If you want a restful night's sleep, get a leg massage. A leg massage can boost serotonin levels to help you get better, healthier sleep. If you are worried about how to easily relieve fatigue after exercise, come and try this customized massage artifact - intelligent air pressure massager. 1. The sleeve adopts a zipper design, which is simple and convenient to wear. With a scientifically designed visual touch machine panel, it is convenient to adjust various functions. 2. Functions include: timer shutdown, pressure adjustment, mode selection, 3. Contains six different massage modes, each of which is a different massage experience 4. After powering on, select the running time, as well as your favorite massage mode and massage position. According to the selected mode, your legs will feel a 360-degree three-dimensional squeezing massage, which can quickly relieve muscle soreness in a short time. 5. This air pressure massager is made of special nylon TPU material, which is safe, healthy and flexible, bringing you the most comfortable massage and relaxation experience. 6. This product can not only relieve muscle fatigue, but also help blood circulation, which is a good gift for your family and friends. So Please don't hesitate any more,Contact us ! Welcome inquiry and sample test !
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  • How do I choose a medical mattress?
    How to choose a medical inflatable mattress? When purchasing medical inflatable mattresses, people how to judge the quality of medical mattresses. You can know it from those four convenience: 1)Material: Generally speaking, the medical inflatable mattress is made of special medical nylon PVC or nylon TPU material. This medical PVC / TPU material has high density and good elasticity. It can reduce the local pressure of the patient lying on it, speed up the patient's blood circulation, and make the drug integrate into the patient's body faster and exert the efficacy. Ordinary PVC materials do not have this property. Therefore, when people buy medical inflatable mattresses, they should pay attention to whether they are made of medical PVC or TPU materials. Senyang has specialized in producing medical anti bedsore mattresses more than 23 years. 2)Air pump When people buy medical mattresses, they should also check the air pump of the mattress. The good medical inflatable mattress,  the air pump will not make noise and affect the patient's sleep. The air pump of the medical inflatable mattress with poor quality may make a large noise and affect the patient's sleep. The medical air pump manufactured by our company has low noise and self-made pump core , with guaranteed quality. 3)Air cell Medical inflatable mattresses generally have two air cells. The two air cells inflate and exhaust circularly, and AB alternatation to achieve the effect of fluctuating massage, so as to continuously change the stress area of the human body, accelerate the blood circulation of the human body and achieve the effect of preventing bedsore. 4)Adhesion When people buy inflatable mattresses, they should pay attention to check the adhesion of the air mattress to see if there is a gap, so as to avoid air leakage of the air mattress. Our company uses high-frequency production technology to greatly reduce this quality problem.
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  • When should you use the compression therapy in medical filed?
    The air pressure therapy system mainly performs the sequence of repeated inflation and discharge through the multi-chamber air chamber, forming the circulation pressure of the limbs and tissues, to the distal end of the limb to the proximal end of the limb for uniform and orderly extrusion, promote the flow of blood and lymph and improve the effect of microcirculation, accelerate the return of limb tissue fluid,It is helpful to prevent thrombosis, prevent limb edema, and can directly or indirectly treat many diseases related to blood lymphatic circulation. So, who is suitable for the air pressure therapy system ? 1、Apply to upper and lower limb edema. The treatment principle is to promote blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, some of the pain, uncomfortable metabolites and inflammatory pain substances into the main circulation to remove, thereby eliminating edema. 2、Suitable for hemiplegia, paraplegia and paralysis patients. The patients who lie on the bed for a long time, due to slow blood flow, no muscle contractility, prone to lower extremity deep vein thrombosis.It can lead to life-threatening pulmonary embolism if not treated properly, or to leg swelling, ulcers, and pigmentation. So the need to use air pressure therapy system, to repeated pressure to the body and then pressure relief, resulting as muscle contraction and diastolic effect, promote venous blood and lymphatic fluid circulation, and obtain adequate massage effect, to prevent deep venous thrombosis and prevention of lower limb muscle atrophy has important significance. 3、Suitable for patients with poor limb blood circulation. The air pressure therapy system uses intermittent pressure, and through the repeated expansion and contraction of air waves, it can improve blood circulation, increase skin surface temperature, expand and activate blood vessels, and help prevent thrombosis. 4、Suitable for elderly people The use of this product can promote blood circulation, relieve muscle fatigue, relieve pain, paralysis and rehabilitation of limbs !But in the following cases, it cannot be used 1. Severe infection of limbs has not been effectively controlled 2. Recent deep venous thrombosis of lower limbs 3. Large ulcerative rash 4. People with bleeding tendency Our company has been focusing on the development and design of air therapy systems for 15 years, with complete certifications such as CE, FDA, 510K, ISO13485, etc. If you are interested, please leave us a message, we are developing new models recently, let's look forward to it together!
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  • How to choose the right walker?
    Now travel aids have become more and more popular. Among them, walkers are the simplest and most convenient travel aids. The main function is to allow the support of the equipment to make the legs and feet of the elderly patients with inconvenient legs and feet inflexible or even lose the ability to walk. People can take care of themselves and go out for walks like normal people. So how do you choose the right walker for you? 1. According to the classification of walkers, it can be divided into: (1) Fixed type It is often used to reduce the load on one side of the lower limb. When the lower limb is injured or fractured and does not allow weight-bearing, at this time, lift the armrests on both sides with both hands and place it forward on the ground instead of one foot, and then step on the healthy leg. (2) Interactive Small size, no casters, adjustable height. When using, move one side forward first, then move the remaining side forward, and so on and so forth alternately. It is suitable for patients with poor standing balance, weak lower limb muscle strength or the elderly. The advantage is that it is also very convenient to go to the toilet. (3) Wheel type in front It is used for those with poor upper limb muscle strength and difficulty in lifting the walker on one side or the whole. At this time, the front wheel is on the ground, and the back foot can be walked after lifting the walker. 2. Optional accessories are: cushion/toilet Choose according to personal needs 3. Pay attention when purchasing: (1) The material of the walker should be light, easy for the patient to move, and should be balanced and stable when placed. (2) The wall thickness of the walker should be thicker, which will be stronger and have sufficient stability to ensure the safety of the patient. (3) The height of the walker should be suitable or adjustable. When the patient stands, the hands droop naturally to hold the bilateral armrests, and pressure can be applied to the armrests to ensure weight support and balance control. (4) The width of the walker should be moderate, not too wide
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