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Xiamen Senyang company was established in 2000, Founded by Ms.Susan. We are professional manufacturer dedicated in research,Development, Production, Sales and service of medical air mattress with pump, Pressure therapy machines, Nebulizer and medical water beds. Our factory facilities occupy ten thousand square meters and engage 5 production lines including pump assembly line, Heat welding line, Sewing line, Packaging line and printing line, As well as orderly raw material warehouse and finished goods ware house. We are located in xiamen with convenient transportation access. Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, Our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction. We have obtained various system certification and quality certificates, Such as ISO13485,TUV,CE,FDA,510K and so on. We trust we can assure the quality of the products. Our products are exported to all over the world and have earned good reputation for our trusty quality. We provideOEM and ODM services for some famous brands for years. Welcome to visit us. We are confident to be your trustworthy cooperative partner.
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Our customer base spans many verticals including home healthcare providers, healthcare distributors, retailers (both independent and chains) and e-tailers.
Our products
Our products are exported to all over the world and have earned good reputation for our trusty quality. We provide OEM and ODM services for some famous brands for years.
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Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, Our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction.
We are a china company with offices and warehouses spanning the country. Our Corporate Office is located in Xiamen with multiple satellite offices and warehouses around the country.
By Mathew McConaughey 2
We are a china company with offices and warehouses spanning the country. Our Corporate Office is located in Xiamen with multiple satellite offices and warehouses around the country.
By Mathew McConaughey
Senyang healthcare exists to enhance the quality of life of the people we touch.
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    Our Quality :

    ISO13485, FDA, TUV, CE.

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    Our Capacity :

    2000pcs air mattresses per day. 10 containers per month.

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    Monday-Friday : 9am to 6pm Saturday, Sunday : Closed

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Welcome to visit us. We are confident to be your trustworthy cooperative partner.
2021 Best Air Massager For Pressotherapy And sport recovery - Reviews & Guide
What’s a Leg Air Massager? Leg air massager is a mechanical method of drainage that works by moving excess interstitial fluids and by promoting veinous and lymphatic flow while respecting the circulatory systems and the anatomical structures concerned. Leg air massager is very beneficial in stimulating blood flow, and offers an excellent method to improve with lasting effects, problems linked to poor circulation: veinous or lymphatic insufficiencies, swelling, varicose veins, heavy legs. As a real source of well being.Leg air massager also helps reduce muscle and joint pain.has a recognized relaxing effect after intensive sporting activity. The mechanical movement of the device exerts an effective, gentle and continuous pressure that is particularly indicated in the treatment of cellulite and especially unbecoiming orange peel aspect.By stimulating the circulation of lymp,the elimination of toxins carrying away fatty deposits is achieved more rapidly. Air compression leg massagers are devices that wrap around your legs and feet and compress them like a pair of tight boots. Air compression leg massagers are FDA-cleared and can enhance lymphatic circulation, reduce knee pain, release muscle tension, fight varicose veins and prevent leg cramps. By squeezing your legs, the Leg Massager applies the necessary pressure to expel the waste from the legs and foot cells. This allows fresh blood to enter the cells and nourish them with oxygen and nutrients to make them healthier. Stress also stimulates the release of endorphins, a natural painkiller. What to Look for in a Good At-Home Leg Air Massager When you're shopping for a leg massager, there are a few features you'll want to consider. This section is designed to help you choose the best leg massager for your needs. Portable When you sit in a car or plane for a few hours, your legs are stiffer than ever, and it's easy to lose blood circulation there. Therefore, you need to carry Leg Massager with you, so you need to find a light and easy to fold massager. If you can find a battery powered leg massager, you can charge it in advance, and you can even use it in flight. FDA-approval When a product is approved by FDA, you can be sure that the company's health statement has been tested and verified. overage The more area it covers, the better, they generally relieve pain and fatigue more quickly and effectively. Material The materials used in a leg massager is important because it needs to be durable enough for long-term use and comfortable enough when wrapped tightly around your legs and feet. How to choose the most suitable air leg massager for you? 1.PT1002 Air Compression Leg Massager Air compression leg massager repeats expansion and shrinkage with sequential pneumatic pressure to vitalize the circulation of blood and lymph. It enhances the pressure of muscular tissues to remove swelling or pain on arms and legs and restore patients’ physical functions from disabilities or agedness. As intermittent ...
Feb 17, 2021 View More
  • How to use the pump of medical mattress correctly ?
    1.The pump should be positioned on any convenient horizontal surface or suspended form the bed by means of the hook. 2.Check that there are no protruding springs or sharp edges on the surface of bed mattress that could damaged the air mattress. 3.Open air mattress on the bed with instruction flap at the head and foot of the bed. 4.Connect air feed tubes to air outlets on pump. Run tubing through securing that the tubes are not kinked or twisted. 5.Plug the pump into a suitable electrical power source and switch on the switch lamp should now be illuminated. 6.Allow 20minutes for air mattress to inflate fully. 7.Cover with a sheet and tuck in loosely. 8.Lie the patient on the bed and adjust pressure control to give optimum results combined with maximum patient comfort. ( this occurs when it is possible to slide two fingers between a deflated cell and the buttocks of the patient) NOTE: the mattress may also be inflated with the patient laying on it. 9.As a precaution it is recommended the elevated bed side rails should be maintained at all times while the patient is in the bed. 10.Check periodically that the pressure control is at the correct setting for the patient. Here showing is our new high-end air pump P06C. Pump P06C new function - LED display, automatically sense pressure, freely adjust weight capacity according to patient comfort. - Power on/off indicator light. When the pump is turned on by pressing the powerbutton, this light will illuminate green. When the button is pressed again to turn offthe pump or if there is a power failure, the light will go out. - Alternating mode: Up A-B air lines alternating inflation and deflation, bottom C air line static inflation, prevent patient bottom out when power outage. - Four cycle time 6/9/12/25minsfor different symptom patients selection. - Panel lock out light. After 2 minutes if no buttons have been pressed on thepump, the panel automatically locks-out.This light will illuminate to show that thepanel has locked-out. To unlock the panel,hold down the panel unlock button for2 seconds. The light goes out and an audible beep will sound. - Seat mode: pressure is fixed 80mmHg, after 30mins, it automatically returns to alternating mode. Convenient for patient sitting. - Auto firm: all air cells are inflation, pressure is fixed 60mmHg, after 30mins, it automatically returns to alternating mode. Convenient for caregiver nursing. - Alarm mute button. When either the fault or power failure alarms are triggered,pressing this button will temporarily silence the alarm whilst the issue is fixed. - Power failure alarm indicator light. If the power is lost to the pump this light willilluminate Red and a constant beep alarm will sound.Once the power is restoredto the pump the light and alarm will stop. - Remote control, convenient for caregiver controlling device. - Fault indication light. If the pump detects low pressure in the mattress or thepump requires a service, this light will illuminate Orange,an...
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  • What is the new style life under epidemic spreading ?
    Hello everyone, with the epidemic spreading globally,there are more and more new life style popping up, here we would love to talk about the new exercise recovery way ! As the strict quarantine rule placed, people are locked at their home and the exercise room, even the gym, are quite limited, but life lies in movement so we can no stop exercise, and after work out we can no have the coach help us quick recovery as normal. To keep the body quick recovery as previously or even better, now our factory new product has made this come true ,it is our new air compression system ! The portable air compression system are customized for personal use,we can name it “personal coach” to help quick recovery after intensive work out. The sleeve are  360 degree surround our limbs and connect with pump, everyone can customized their personal recovery requirements from time, pressure, compression parts by simply operate the pump,see following the picture: . Short cycle maximizes lymphatic uptake and makes treatment more efficient. . Smart technology provides accurate pressure,for every size garment . Adaptive pause ensures complete deflation in between compressions for lymphatic refill . Advanced treatment sequences including pretherapy base on manual lymph drainage. When you are working at home and feel tired, you can use our device to massage, so that promote blood circulation in the body and bring you energy for a day. For patients with lymphedema, using this machine, they can release edema well without requiring more personnel to contact each other, thus reducing the risk of each other. So this gives patients more comfort and safety. Meanwhile the air compression system help speed up blood circulation and dissolved fat to enter into the bloods and lymph fluid and remove from the body,so even during quarantine time you can work out and recovery easily. kindly drop us an email if you need the new “personal coach” !
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  • How to Choose the Best Hospital Bed Mattress ?
    Long term bedridden patients usually care is very important, especially pay attention to frequently turn over, to avoid local skin pressure for a long time caused by bedsore. Many families will provide bedsore patients with anti bedsore gas mattress, the following is to analyze the role of bedsore mattress on bedsore protection. Bedsore pad is divided into two types: inflatable and non inflatable. The former is controlled by electric device, while the latter is unnecessary. There are obvious differences between the two types. The inflatable bedsore pad can exchange air and fluctuate freely to help the patient transfer the stress point of the body; the non inflatable bedsore pad can not exchange air, it can only relieve the local pressure, and still need the patient to turn over. Therefore, the non inflatable bedsore pad is generally used for the prevention and nursing of minor bedsore, suitable for small area wound to relieve pressure. The inflatable mattress is controlled by an electric device, so that the air bags are alternately filled with square gas to generate waves, which is conducive to air circulation, so that the skin can contact with fresh air, which can avoid unilateral pressure, and work continuously without manual intervention, saving time and labor. Bedsore is due to physical weakness, plus other complications, it is easy to cause recurrence, prolonged. For this serious bedsore situation, nurses can consider using inflatable bedsore pad, which can not only help patients relieve pain, but also provide a comfortable and breathable bed rest environment, which is conducive to rapid recovery. Anti bedsore inflatable mattress is a kind of air cushion. Anti bedsore inflatable mattress is designed and manufactured to relieve the trouble and pain of long-term bedridden patients and reduce the labor intensity of nursing staff. It is suitable for long-term bedridden patients and is one of the most effective medical devices to prevent bedsore. Anti bedsore inflatable mattress is mainly used for bedridden patients to prevent bedsore and nursing care of patients with bedsore. It is composed of two parts: inflatable pump and air bag. Through the inflation and deflation of the air pump, odd and even different air bags are alternately inflated or deflated, so as to avoid long-term pressure on the skin of the same part. Why choose us? 1.Humanized Design Head and tail film design to prevent the mattress from sliding 2.The key to preventing Bedsores is breathability Laser perforation,the air cushion bed has a miniature jethole on the surface, and the load-bearing interface hasgood breathability and heat dissipation function. 3.Clasps design Each airbag can be disassembled freely, if damaged or defaced,can be individually drawn for replacement and cleaning 4.Single CPR single CPR straps for quick deflationthe number of items can be changedaccording to your needs
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