Do air mattresses prevent pressure ulcers?

Do air mattresses prevent pressure ulcers?

The concept of pressure ulcers

1. Pressure sores, also known as pressure ulcers, commonly known as bedsores. It refers to the necrosis and ulcers formed by ischemia and hypoxia of the skin and local tissues caused by different degrees of pressure or shearing force.

2. Causes of formation

Pressure Factors 1) Vertical Pressure (2) Friction (3) Shear

Skin irritated by moisture or excrement

nutritional status


3. Predisposing sites for pressure ulcers

Pressure sores tend to form where skin covers areas of bone, such as:




High heel




back of head

4. International NPUAP/EPUAP pressure ulcer classification system

Class/Stage I: erythema that does not whiten on acupressure

Class/Stage II: Partial Cortical Loss

Class/Stage IV: Full-thickness tissue loss

How to care for pressure ulcers

Stage I or II sores usually heal with careful care. Stage III and IV ulcers are more difficult to treat and can take a long time to heal. Here’s how to care for pressure ulcers at home.

Use special pillows, foam pads or mattresses to reduce pressure. Some pads are filled with water or air to help support and cushion the area. Which type of cushion you use depends on your wound and whether you are in bed or in a wheelchair.

Change locations frequently. If you are in a wheelchair, try changing your position every 15 minutes. If you are in bed, you should move about every 2 hours. For people who must stay in bed, a hospital bed with a suitable mattress is safer and more comfortable than a traditional mattress.

Hospital mattress manufacturers use different materials in their products. These materials are similar to those found in traditional mattresses and include:


built-in spring



Hospital mattresses also need to be waterproof, antimicrobial and easy to clean. These features ensure that the mattress meets medical-grade hygiene standards.

hospital mattresses

An alternating air mattress is a special type of medical air mattress that contains air cells that are constantly inflated and deflated to relieve pressure points and promote better circulation.

List of best hospital bed mattresses

alternating pressure mattress with pump

Bubble Mattress

This product is suitable for hospital beds. People who suffer from bed sores or who are at risk for bed sores due to increased bed time may benefit from this top pad.

The manufacturer equips the cushion with 130 individually sealed air cells to provide durable support that can withstand up to 300 lbs.

A variable pressure pump that controls the pressure inside the bubble cycles through different pressure levels to:

Evenly distribute people’s weight

increase blood circulation

reduce physical stress

Prevent skin breakage

Relieve the pain of bedsores

alternating pressure air mattress

Tubular Mattress

main feature

-Medical Grade PVC: The mattress is made of medical grade PVC with an extremely quiet latest generation compressor and alternating pressure inflation system

– Buckle design: each airbag can be freely disassembled, can be extracted and replaced individually

– Circulating gas: Rotary ventilation to circulate the air naturally. Air cushion cycle fluctuation principle, the air bar is inflated alternately, alternately every 12 minutes, can replace artificial turn. Massaging the body is equivalent to turning over.

-Seamless design: embedded connector, good sealing and long service life.

Medical air mattress is our hot-selling product, let me know if you are interested. Sample test is welcome. Senyang medical wish you health and joy.

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