What is The Best Wheelchair Seat Air Cushions?

medical wheelchair cushion mat inflatable

What is pressure ulcer / bedsore / decubitus ulcer ?

Bedsores — also called pressure ulcers and decubitus ulcers — are injuries to skin and underlying tissue resulting from prolonged pressure on the skin.

Bedsores most often develop on skin that covers bony areas of the body, such as the heels, ankles, hips and tailbone.

People most at risk of bedsores are those with a medical condition that limits their ability to change positions or those who spend most of their time in a bed or chair.

Bedsores can develop quickly. Most sores heal with treatment, but some never heal completely. You can take steps to help prevent bedsores and aid healing.

For many wheelchair users, they find that they spend a long time in wheelchairs all day. This usually leads to a range of problems, including pain and discomfort. Factors such as excessive stress and poor sitting posture can increase the risk of stress-related injuries, leading to painful pressure sores.

Solving this problem will come from acquiring a wheelchair cushion.

Les coussin d'air provides the best decompression performance. They are especially suitable for users with delicate skin and medium to high pressure injury risk.

Best Wheelchair Cushions for Pressure Relief and Comfort.

1. C03+P08 Alternating Pressure Wheelchair Air Cushions with Pump


Description du produit
The durable cushion for wheelchairs is all about helping you have the freedom to function. It can keep you mobile if you are dealing with pressure sores, helping to heal wounds and prevent new ones from forming while you use your wheelchair. The alternating air pressure cycle of the cushion can be adjusted to give your body just the care it needs. Its one-piece air cell pad is made up of 4 air cells for the air to cycle through and a foam insert supports the thigh area for an extra bit of comfort. It has a weight setting function for making intuitive adjustments and is able to accommodate up to 264 lbs. The two-way polyester stretch over has a non-slip base and is made for comfort while being removable to make cleaning it a snap. This durable medical equipment is vapor permeable for breathability, water resistant so it won’t get ruined by spills, and fire retardant as an extra safety measure.
cushion pad for wheelchair

anti-decubitus air cushion

alternating wheelchair cushion
Adapter l'alimentation électrique : AC100-240Vac 50/60Hz
Chargement complet : 8 heures d'utilisation
Durée du cycle : 12 minutes
Taille de la pompe : 275*140*95mm
Plage de pression (mmHg) : 20 (basse), 40 (moyenne), 60 (haute)
Débit d'air : 6-7 L/min
Statique : 10,20 minutes
Poids net : 1,8 kg


- SYSTÈME AVANCÉ DE Coussin d'apaisement de la pression : Respirez à nouveau, vous êtes sur le point d'obtenir l'apaisement dont vous avez besoin. Ce coussin de siège pneumatique utilise un cycle constant de basse pression alternée qui circule à travers les cellules d'air du coussin. La pression alternée donne à chaque zone le temps d'être soulagée ou le coussin peut être utilisé en mode statique pour un effet d'amortissement constant.

- DE L'AIDE POUR LES ESCARRES : Les escarres douloureuses peuvent vraiment vous gêner dans vos activités quotidiennes, voire vous confiner au lit. Un coussin en gel souple pour fauteuil roulant médical peut vous aider à retrouver un peu de liberté. Vous pouvez désormais passer du temps dans votre fauteuil roulant, à l'intérieur ou à l'extérieur, sans ressentir la douleur des escarres ou sans craindre de les aggraver.

- PEUT ÊTRE UTILISÉ AVEC DIFFÉRENTS APPAREILS MOBILES : Le coussin pour fauteuil roulant mobi-seat convient parfaitement à la plupart des fauteuils roulants et des fauteuils de gériatrie. Le coussin confortable s'adapte non seulement à la plupart des fauteuils, mais il est aussi facilement transportable. Le coussin est conçu de manière à ce que vous puissiez l'emmener en déplacement, tandis que la pompe possède son propre étui de transport pour faciliter son transport.

- AJUSTABLE POUR UN CONFORT MAXIMAL : Votre corps a ses propres besoins, c'est pourquoi ce coussin de fauteuil roulant avancé est doté d'une technologie de capteur de pression pour un contrôle intuitif. Il est également doté d'un pavé tactile avec des commandes de réglage qui vous donnent des indications visuelles et sonores sur l'état de fonctionnement et les défaillances. Il est même doté d'un bouton de mise en sourdine qui vous permet de contrôler ce qui est entendu et à quel moment.

- BATTERIE RECHARGEABLE PRATIQUE : Ce coussin de siège de fauteuil roulant super confortable peut être branché sur une prise murale lorsque vous êtes à la maison, mais il est également doté d'une batterie au lithium rechargeable pour une utilisation en déplacement. Vous obtiendrez jusqu'à 12 heures d'utilisation en une seule charge et le moniteur de batterie vous indiquera quand l'appareil est en charge, complètement chargé ou à court d'énergie, éliminant ainsi toute conjecture ou inquiétude.

2.DC005 Wheelchair Air Cushions

alternating pressure wheelchair cushion

Description du produit

Seat Cushion adopts skin-friendly, non-sensitive, healthy and medical grade PVC material, with manual pump inflatable design, cushion is widely used in car, chair / wheelchair / disable chair suitable for all kinds of chairs, for massage / anti-bedsore function, just twist the valve, open the inlet nozzle, and inflate the cushion, it’s easy to operate and convenient for different groups of people.

alternating air wheelchair cushion

wheelchair cushion inflatable

anti-decubitus cushion

cushion medical anti bedsore



FRESH AND DRY: Our design maximizes air circulation, when one cell is compressed the air flows to other cells around it. Therefore reducing heat transfer and that uncomfortable office chair feeling, all whilst supporting your posture; preventing sedentary sweating and supporting your delicates delicately.

LONG LASTING COMFORT: Specially designed to provide extra support for your hip and back with 25 plump 3D air cells covered with breathable Lycra fabric. This cushion provides excellent lumbar support which can help to disperse pressure from sitting up to 30% which is proven to reduce aches and pains.

VERSATILE: Support up to 300 lbs with this inflatable seat cushion wherever you need it. Got a long journey ahead? We got you covered! Deadline at the office? No problem! Working on that thesis? Take a seat on this! Maximize your productivity and comfort.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Compared to foam support cushions, SUNFICON’s Inflatable Seat Cushion is durable and adjustable. It’s easy to reach your desired inflation level, 70%, 80% or even fully pumped, it’s your comfort and your choice. With hassle free storage and portability, your posture will thank you for your purchase.

MADE TO LAST: Now for the science part, our high resilience chair pad is covered with an anti-bacterial Lycra fabric that is hard wearing and easily washable. The non-slip silica gel grip keeps your cushion where you want it to be. To top things off the air pockets are made from eco-friendly TPU materials.

3.DC501 Inflatable Wheelchair Air Cushions

inflatable aircell wheelchair cushions

Here is new manual air cushion. This cushion is very helpful for those who need to seat a long time.

From the material, it is different from the ordinary sponge cushion, This new cushion has no filler, and the only filler is air. From the shape, the new design of mosaic shape is more conducive to reducing pressure and thus more conducive to prevent decubitus.

What are the benefits of this new change?

1.Easy to carry and foldable.

2.Can apply to different fields, like the medial field, office field, etc.

3.In terms of functionality, the bubble will adjust the bubble pressure with the change of sitting posture, which has a better decompression effect for people who need to sit for a long time.

coussin de siège gonflable

wheel chair cushion anti bedsore cushion

Bouncy, Snowflakes shape with good massage function.
Balance hip force, reduce bedsore formation rate.
Automatically adjust posture to relieve spinal pressure.
Enhance hip blood circulation, increase hip and air contact area, help pressure sore recovery.


1.Twist valve counter-clock wise to open.

2.Attach silicone hose of pump to valve. Over inflate the cushion with pump slightly.

3.Twist valve colse.

4.Place on the cushion, insert the hand under thebuttocks at the boniest point. Open the valve slowly and begin to release air.

5.Close the valve when there is at least fingertipsdistance, between buttocks and the cushion.The cushion will be then properly inflated for that person.



Regularly remove the seat cover to wash. 2.Avoid exposure under the sun. 3.Do not allow water or detergents to enter the cushion. 4.Do not use caustic, automatic dishwasher detergents. 5.Do not use cleaning products containing petroleum or organic solvents such as acetone, toluene, methyl ethyl ketone,naphtha, dry cleaning fluids or adhesive removers.


We back our products 100% for life, and you are free to return this product at any time with no questions asked!  Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.we’ll reply you in 24 hours,just check the email in time.

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