Come scegliere il miglior massaggiatore a pistola

Come scegliere il miglior massaggiatore a pistola

Why we need to use a Fascial Gun after exercise?

Many people’s first reaction to muscle soreness after exercise is the accumulation of lactic acid, but in fact this is just an outdated misunderstanding. This kind of soreness is called DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), which means delayed onset muscle soreness.

DOMS is not only accompanied by soreness, but may also cause decreased range of motion, joint stiffness, local swelling, weakened muscle strength, and even affect muscle growth. It is an outdated and wrong dogma to think that lactic acid causes muscle soreness.

In fact, DOMS is caused by minor trauma and inflammation of the muscles and surrounding connective tissue. Nociceptors in muscle tissue, which is a kind of free nerve endings, can feel chemical stimuli such as inflammation or disturbance of capillary microcirculation, and send pain signals to the brain.

The use of a fascia gun to massage the muscles, or use the vibration axis to relax, can promote the flow of body fluids, thereby helping the minimally invasive repair of the muscles, restoring the balance of the body tension system, and reducing the risk of sports injuries.

This is common knowledge in the American sports world, so the fascia gun is very popular in sports circles such as the NBA, and now it has become an artifact of office white-collar workers.


Classification of fascia gun

Fascia guns are divided into professional and mini models. The core performance difference lies in the difference in massage strength + depth. Professional fascia guns have greater strength and deeper massage depth.

The professional fascia gun is suitable for experienced sports users and users with relatively large muscles. The mini fascia gun is suitable for ordinary sports enthusiasts, especially female users.


The structure of the fascial gun


Brushed motor: easy to heat, poor safety, generally low life, and generally noisy, low cost

Brushless motor: small size, large power, long service life, and low noise.

First choice brushless motor

Non-brushless motors are not selected

Motor + chip + battery + transmission system + mold

mini massage gun


Transmission system: The transmission system determines the service life, power, and stability of the fascia gun. It is mainly divided into single shaft, double shaft, and multi shaft. The material is divided into plastic material and metal material.

Multi-axis>Metal double-axis>Plastic double-axis>Metal single-axis>Plastic single-axis


Come scegliere il miglior massaggiatore a pistola

Maximum torque: the performance of the motor can be seen through the parameter of maximum torque

The fascia gun with torque>104mN·m is preferred, and the larger the better

Deep massage, break down the accumulation of lactic acid, mainly depends on how deep the amplitude is. Amplitude depth is the most important indicator of the fascial gun

Stability: The motor, transmission system, and assembly process will all affect the stability, and the unstable fascia gun will greatly affect the experience

Massage head: Material selection of massage head: Silicone>EVA>Plastic,

Silicone material is easier to clean, wear-resistant and skin-friendly;

The plastic hard-shell massage head has no elasticity, and its skin-friendliness is relatively poor.

Shovel-shaped head: suitable for massaging the large flat muscles of the waist

Spherical head: suitable for massaging all major muscle groups of the body

Cone head: suitable for massaging acupoints, joints, meridians

Double claw head: Massage the shoulder and neck on the Achilles tendon of the spine

Metal head: suitable for massaging arms, thighs and calves

Vibration frequency: Vibration frequency is the number of hits per minute, displayed in rpm. The general vibration frequency of the fascia gun is 1500-3500rpm. The wider the frequency range, the better the adaptability

Weight: The weight of a professional fascia gun is about 800-1300g

The mini fascia gun weighs about 300-600g

Noise: little effect

Gear position: 3-5 optional gear positions are more reasonable



Below, we look at some of the best massage guns available to purchase.

1.SYMG04 Massage Gun


Revolutions: 3000

Gear: 6

Motor: Brushless moter

Noise: <60db

Amplitude: 12mm

Size: 227x170x66mm

Weight: 0.85kg


mini massage gun

2. SYMG01 MiniFascia Gun


Revolutions: 3200

Gear: 4

Motor: Brushless moter

Noise: <55db

Amplitude: 8mm

Size: 155x46x88mm

Weight: 1.2kg

gun massager


Human muscles are wrapped in bundles of fascia, and these bundles of muscles are connected to bones by soft tissues. People sitting for a long time or standing or exercising will cause muscle fibers to contract and tense for a long time and cause adhesions in the fascia. The adhesion sites are called nodes.

Just like when we wear clothes, when the clothes are too tight or the clothes on the inner layer are wrinkled, Senyang will feel a sense of restraint or entanglement. The core of massage is to soothe the fascia, use external force to loosen the fascia node, so that the fascia becomes stretched and smooth, so that the muscles and body can be relaxed.

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