Senyang Spring Fire Drill: Safeguarding Workplace Safety

Senyang Spring Fire Drill

As a company specializing in health care products, Senyang prioritizes employee safety above all else. While continually improving production techniques and product quality, we also focus on ensuring the safety and health of our employees. Therefore, our annual fire drill, held regularly, has become an essential part of our safety management.


April 19th witnessed the active participation and cooperation of all staff members in this year’s spring fire drill. The drill covered various areas such as fire prevention, emergency evacuation, use of fire extinguishers among others meant to familiarize employees with fire emergency procedures, equip them with self-rescue and mutual rescue skills and enhance their ability to effectively respond to fires.


The following points were emphasized during the exercise:

Safety Awareness Training: We raised awareness on fire safety by making employees understand how dangerous fires can be both to people or property through relevant explanations from professionals and practical simulations.

Emergency Evacuation Drill: Employees were grouped together for practicing evacuations in order that they knew escape routes as well as emergency exits enhancing their calmness maintenance and rapid response skills when emergencies arose.

Fire Extinguisher Usage Demonstration: We introduced employees using ways on how they could utilize these firefighting tools safely while also outlining precautionary.


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