Enhanced Well-being for Senyang Employees, Boosting Work Productivity in the New Year!


As the Chinese New Year approaches, Senyang expresses heartfelt care for all its employees by organizing a comprehensive individual health examination to ensure their well-being and happiness.

At this special moment, we recognize that the health of our employees is the most precious asset of the company. Therefore, senyang has decided to provide every employee with the opportunity for this comprehensive health check, aiming to focus on their physical well-being and raise awareness about health.

This examination will include a thorough assessment of physical health, blood pressure measurements, blood tests, and a series of other items. Our collaborating medical institutions will provide a professional medical team to ensure that each employee receives meticulous medical care. This initiative is not only to promptly detect potential health issues but also to offer timely health advice and guidance, enabling employees to be more fulfilled and vibrant in their work.

senyang has always been committed to producing medical rehabilitation products, caring for people’s health and quality of life. Through this individual health examination activity, we hope to strengthen health management for our employees, allowing them to unleash their full potential at work. In the coming year, senyang will continue its efforts to provide more care for employees, collectively creating a healthy and positive working environment.

Wishing everyone good health, smooth work, and happiness with their families in the coming year! Thanks to every member of the senyang family for joining hands with us to create a better future!

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