How to Choose The Right Pressure Relief Cushions

Pressure Relief Cushions

How Can Pressure Sores Be Prevented?

Pressure sores (sometimes known as bedsores) are injuries caused by subjecting skin and tissue to continuous pressure or friction, often from excessive bedsheet use.

To avoid this issue, consider purchasing a high-profile cushion which not only provides pressure relief but also helps decrease discomfort. When searching for suitable cushions, look out for ones with excellent immersion and envelopment properties as these will maintain the body’s natural shape while evenly dispersing weight distribution.

Note that even with the best pressure sore cushion available, relying solely on it might not completely mitigate your risk of pressure sores. Consult a healthcare provider or medical professional in order to find an appropriate solution that suits your specific needs.


How Long Can I Sit for Comfortably

With a pressure relief cushion, it is possible to comfortably sit for up to 16 hours; however, this may vary based on individual circumstances and following doctor recommendations when it comes to long sitting sessions. Also important is taking breaks throughout your sitting sessions for periodic body movements and regularity of movement during prolonged sitting sessions.


What Is My Weight Limit for My Cushion?

For accurate sizing and weight considerations for your cushion, it’s advisable to consult a healthcare provider. They can assist in choosing a pressure relief cushion based on your specific needs.


Essential Tips for Efficient Cushion Use

Before sitting on your cushion, remove all sharp objects from your pockets and make sure it does not come into direct contact with extreme heat sources. For transporting purposes, hold on tightly to its yellow rope or base when transporting; any other form of handling could lead to irreparable damage to its materials and shape.


Types of Pressure Relief Cushions

Pressure relief cushions can be divided into three risk categories based on their designs: Low Risk, Medium Risk and High Risk. Your selection will depend on how at risk you are of developing pressure sores.

Pressure sore cushions come in various materials, with memory foam being one of the more popular choices. Memory foam works to promote blood circulation and even weight distribution.

Gel cushions are considered top-of-the-line materials for pressure relief cushions. Their combination of viscoelastic foam and silicone gel makes them suitable for individuals who spend significant amounts of time sitting.

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