Pressure Ulcer Pressure Relieving Mattress: The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Health

pressure relieving mattress

Pressure ulcer pressure relieving mattress have emerged as an innovative innovation within medical and rehabilitation, designed to offer exceptional comfort while simultaneously providing effective pressure sore prevention. In this article we explore their various features, specifications and why they’re such an essential tool in a healthcare setting.


Understanding and Preventing Pressure Ulcers

Understanding Pressure Ulcers Pressure ulcers, commonly referred to as pressure sores or bedsores, pose serious health concerns for those who spend long periods sitting or lying still in one position. Pressure sores commonly develop at bony prominences due to prolonged pressure and inadequate blood supply to the skin.


Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Pressure ulcer prevention air mattresses play an integral role in mitigating risk for pressure sores and their prevention. By providing even support and employing an advanced air tube design, they help ease pressure points to lower risk for pressure ulcers.


Materials and Quality of the pressure relieving mattress

This mattress uses high-grade materials such as TPU-coated nylon to ensure exceptional durability and comfort for patients, meeting all medical standards for reliability in quality and safety.

pressure relief mattress

Air Tube Design’s Importance in Pressure Distribution and Comfort

Mattresses featuring A-B-C lines air tube designs can play an instrumental role in providing patients with even pressure distribution, decreasing pressure ulcer risk, as well as providing comfort and support they require for adequate healing.

Emergency CPR Function to Assure Patient Safety

CPR functions on mattresses play an essential role, providing rapid gas release in emergencies to protect patient lives and ensure prompt emergency assistance in medical settings. This functionality makes CPR mattresses essential in clinical environments where quick response to emergencies are crucial for survival.

Features of an Electric Pump

This electric pump comes equipped with a digital LED display, providing accurate monitoring of pressure and weight. Furthermore, multifunctional settings such as static seat auto firm options provide flexibility to meet patient requirements.

Customizable Solutions

At CRS Medical Products we specialize in custom solutions tailored to fit the diverse needs of customers, such as size and material choices for personal use as well as medical facilities. Custom solutions are always available.

Application in Medical Environments – Enhancing Patient Care Quality

Pressure ulcer prevention air mattresses play a vital role in medical and nursing settings, helping improve care quality by lowering risk of pressure sores while offering comfortable support to patients.

pressure relief air mattress

Product Features and Specifications

Key Features

The success of a pressure ulcer prevention air mattress lies in its exceptional features:

  • Materials: Crafted using top-grade TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)-coated nylon from Taiwan Nanya company for durability and medical-grade quality standards. This material guarantees long life while also meeting medical specifications.
  • Air Tube Design: This mattress boasts an A-B-C lines alternating air tube design that promotes even pressure distribution and reduced risk of pressure sores, providing comprehensive support and evenly dispersion of weight distribution.
  • CPR Function: The mattress comes equipped with an emergency CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) feature to quickly release gas in emergency situations to protect patient safety. This feature is essential in medical facilities.



  • A pressure ulcer prevention air mattress comes in various specifications to meet different needs:
  • Size: 80 inches in length with 32-36 inch widths and 9 inch height. Additionally, wide sizes at 42 and 48 inches can also be provided.
  • Materials: You have several materials to select for your mattress: nylon TPU or pure TPU materials are both options, along with Polyurethane cover material and Dacron PVC bottom layer materials.
  • At a mere 8.35 kilograms, this impressively lightweight design makes transport simple.
  • Weight Capacity: The mattress features an impressive weight-bearing capacity of 210 kilograms, making it suitable for an array of patients.


Through this blog, we aim to give you a thorough understanding of pressure ulcer pressure relieving mattress and their benefits. These mattresses not only offer exceptional comfort, but can also effectively prevent and manage pressure ulcers for bed-bound patients while improving quality of life. Should you require any further information or have any inquiries about the product please don’t hesitate to contact us directly – our staff would be more than happy to assist.

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